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5 stars rate

“I got serious about my sleep hygiene within the last couple of years. I realized the impact my lack of sleep and quality of rest was having on my physical and mental health, and I knew I had to make meaningful changes. I changed my bedtime routine but felt like I struggled to stay asleep and feel rested when I woke up. After a couple of weeks with R&R Sleep gummies, I noticed a huge change in how I felt when I woke and throughout the day. I no longer rely on multiple cups of coffee to get me through my day, and feel so much better overall. Thank you R&R Farms!”


5 stars rate

“R&R Sleep Gummies are a complete game changer…

I’ve never had problems falling asleep, but the 1am-4am mind races are virtually gone using these. I cannot recommend them enough and family and friends are all seeing the same results.”

Mark Z

5 stars rate

“I have been using R&R Sleep for almost a year. I have tried many sleep formulas with no luck. My anxiety around bedtime has completely disappeared since using this product… Thanks to Tasha and team I get to live gracefully and peacefully with the support I need for my body.”


Your Sleep VS Better Sleep

Your Sleep


Better Sleep

Your Sleep Better Sleep
Sleep Time 5 or less hours 7+ hours
Energy Low High
Deep Sleep No Yes
Fewer Nighttime
No Yes
Enhanced Mood No Yes
All-Day Alertness No Yes
Improved Immunity No Yes
Sharper Cognitive Function No Yes
Reduced Stress No Yes
Weight Management No Yes

A More Gentle Approach to Sleep

This 100% natural gummy is helping people who have suffered from sleep issues for a long time are starting to have the best night’s sleep of their lives. On repeat.

What do our sleep gummies do?

Imagine if both your mind & your body (aches, pains, inflammation, restlessness) could be quieted/ stilled. Good, restful sleep is on the other side of a quiet mind and a still body. Our sleep gummies combine the healing power of natural plant medicine to help your body and mind rest.

What are the ingredients?

Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, Water, Pectin, Sodium Bicarbonate, All Natural Flavors, Full Spectrum Mindfully Grown R&R farms hemp extract (CO2 extracted)

Our Mission: we exist to help people awaken, connect and heal so they can live a good life.

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