R&R Farms | est. 1904

How it all began …
In 1904, my great-great-grandfather had a dream to support his family, live off the land and build a future. Taking his life savings, he purchased 140 acres of land in the Flint Hills of Missouri. Over the last 100+ years, the land has farmed a variety of crops (including wheat, corn and tobacco), but hemp is our new obsession. We started growing premium hemp plants as a way to spread the news about the life-changing magic of hemp and healing power of one small flower.
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Our CBD products capture the spirit of our farm, the love of our family and the legacy of our land.

Our Hemp
is like Gold ™

our hemp line
Midwesterners are known for one thing – working hard. Our purpose is to produce the gold standard for hemp. We cut no corners. 100% of our hemp flowers are premium and grown with our unique, high-touch R&R process.
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Meet Our Awesome Farmers
Tasha Mueller

Tasha, Owner of R&R Farms

Escaped the stressful, boring world of corporate and gave herself
permission to turn into a wild hemp farmer Goddess.

Tasha Mueller

Gabby & Grace

Gabby is a lover of all things magical & sparkly. She would rather be in the dirt next to her mom than anywhere else… Grace is the newest member to the family & even before she was born, she clocked more hours on the farm than most do in a lifetime.

Drill sergeant taskmaster who’s always up for a beer break. Supporter of all of Tasha’s crazy and wild dreams and best husband ever.

Fertilizer King with an
Ag Degree
My cousin who I dragged into my crazy dream! Our grandfathers were brothers, they farmed this land together, and now we get to continue the journey.


Head of weed patrol, and chief bushwacker operator. Kevin hits the fields at sunrise & sunset to make sure the ladies are well tended too and that the weeds stayed at bay.

mom aunts


Without these special people this business would not be possible. Not only do they spend countless hours in the fields helping care for the plants but they also feed, house, and nurtured the whole crew!

Hemp brought our family together.
We don’t just see each other on holidays a few times a year. We work shoulder-to-shoulder in the fields tending to our favorite plants every day. We share meals and make memories. The farmer’s blood runs through us all, and we all play a vital role in making sure our hemp is grown with all that we are.